UK EV Tariffs

Peak (p/kWh)Standard (p/kWh)Off-PeaK (p/kWh)
British Gas - Electric Drivers Energy Plan Sep 202120p4.7pFree smart meter installation, if you haven’t got one already
For dual fuel, smart meter customers
5 hours of lower priced electricity 00:00-05:00 every day (35 hours per week)
Octopus Energy -Octopus Go5p13.33p50% cheaper than typical Economy 7 night time rate
Smart friendly API: Automatically charge when it's cheapest with a smart charger or cable
Upgrade to 100% carbon offset gas with Supergreen Octopus
4 hours off-peak electricity 00:30-04:30 every day (28 hours per week)
E.on - Fix and Drive V723.6p20.4p12.5p1,700 free EV mile reward
Carbon offset gas
Cheaper overnight charging 00:30-07:30 every day (49 hours per week)
Ecotricity - Fully Charged16.54p10.31p1/2 price Electric Highway charging
Discounted home charge point
Tonik16.58p9.45pTwo rate meter or compatible smart meter
Get a Zappi installed by us and receive £100 reward credit on selected tariffs, inc our EV tariff
7 hours of cheaper overnight energy, every day (49 hours per week)
Scottish Power - SmartPower EV

19.18p4.74pDiscounted smart home charge point
Scottish Power smart charger app
Low off-peak rate 00:00-05:00 every day (35 hours per week)
Good Energy - EV Driver 3
19.82p18.79p13.06pThree tariffs depending on meter set-up
Standard, Economy 7 & Economy 10 available
OVO - EV Everywhere17.78p15.89p10.33pPolar Plus membership
2 Year Fixed Energy plan
7 hours off-peak electricity, typically 00:00-07:00 every day (49 hours per week)
EDF - GoElectric May21 v2
17.42p11.98p8p- 5,000 free miles when you lease an electric vehicle through EDF

- Half-Price off-peak charging 21:00-07:00
Mon-Fri, and all day Sat-Sun (98 hours per week)
All prices in pence
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