Integral Real Colour LED GU10



Rich reds, pretty pinks, gorgeous greens – Integral Real Colour GU10 Spotlights utilise a chip-on-board LED with high colour rendering (CRI 95) to bring out the colour in any space – including homes, retail businesses, galleries and showrooms. Your colours will appear more vibrant and better defined than with a standard LED spotlight (CRI 80) – ideal for showing colourful furniture, artwork, fashion, food and other retail products at their best. The crystal-effect lens adds a retro sparkle that delivers a diffused light and looks good when the lamp is on or off. See real colours with high CRI 95, Lux Awards Finalist (2016), warm light, 350 Useful Lumens (380 Nominal) Non-Dimmable. Integral LED are continuously improving the energy efficiency of their products as technology develops. Newer revisions of some LED products may have small variations in the wattage, but other specifications such as model number, colour temperature and lumen output (brightness) remain the same.


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