Privacy Policy

Following is our privacy policy

What information about visitors we collect.
– The data we currently collect is your email address when you signup for the newsletter.
– Anonymised data is collected via Google Analytics, of which no personally identifiable data is accessible by us.

How we obtain this information
– Email addresses are collected via a signup form provided by Mailchimp. All steps are in line with Mailchimp policies and best practice. You are able to unsubscribe at any time and you are also able to contact us to have your details permanently removed from the database.

– Analytics information is collected with the use of cookies set by Google Analytics platform.

How we store and protect information we have collected.
– We currently do not store any information ourselves directly. Any information stored by companies that provide our analytics or email do so in line with local regulations

– To see what information Google collects using the Analytics platform, please see the following link

The reason for requesting personal information
– We request your email address you we can keep you informed of news and offerings in relation to our website.

Who has access to your information?
Mailchimp has access to your email address.
Google has access to your anonymised information and any other information you provide to it directly or indirectly outside of our control.

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